Strategic Plan

Key Objective
To promote the game within Asia by raising cricket participation, standard and profile.
1.1 Participation
Objective: Increase the quantity and quality of cricket participants in Associate and Affiliate Member countries within the region.
Strategies Milestones
Increase the number of participants in Associate and Affiliate Member countries, with a specific emphasis on indigenous populations and sustainable growth:
Effectively implement the ICC research projects 2002, 2004
Stage ICC training courses for coaches, umpires, scorers and curators through ACC Regional Development Officers
Develop ACC Coach Education Syllabus
Upgrade administrative capability in each member country
Ensure the most appropriate means of spending Development Program funds according to individual country needs
Implement facility upgrade program region wide
Ensure countries retain at least current membership level after 2003 review
Conduct initial audit of actual standards
Implement upgrading strategies as necessary
Increase in the number of ICC Member countries to 6 Associates and 14 Affiliates by July 2005
Increase in the number of active participants, coaches and umpires in Associate and Affiliate Members by 30% by July 2005 as measured in annual surveys
100% return of country data for research project 2002 and 2004 within specified timeframe
Completion of 90 training courses annually
Creation of ACC Coach Education Syllabus by March 2003
Full time administrators in all Associate members and part time administrators in all Affiliate members by June 2003
20% increase in training facilities and grounds by June 2005
Annual review of regional and country funding allocation by RDM and approval by Development Manager
Audit conducted by December 2002
Upgrades implemented by June 2004
1.2 High Performance
Objective: To close the gap in playing standards between region’s leading Associates and Full Members
Strategies Milestones
Raise the standard of national team performance at Seniors and Under 19 level in UAE, Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia
Implement touring program with Full Member countries
Academy visits for talented athletes
Implement appropriate elite coaching program
Creation of Academies / Training Centres
Improve elite playing standards in all other member countries
Audit senior club competition format in each member country
Institute “ICC Club cricket quality strengthening guidelines” Produce national tour program for each country
One tour by each country to a Full Member by 2005
At least two Academy placements per country per year
Each country to have High Performance Program by December 2002
Creation of regional Academies in Nepal, Malaysia and UAE by December 2003
One country to qualify for 2007 world Cup
Two countries to qualify for Under 19 World Cup 2004
Audit completed by June 2003
All national club competitions to adhere to ICC guidelines by June 2004
Tour program produced by December 2002 an implemented annually thereafter
1.3 Tournament Structure
Objective: To put in place an integrated and competitive regional tournament structure that provides a pathway for all Member countries to compete internationally
Strategies Milestones
Undertake research and discussion with relevant stakeholders to formulate the most appropriate tournament schedule for senior and junior cricket
Ensure the tournament schedule provides an appropriate mechanism for members to qualify for ICC global tournaments at Senior and Under 19 levels
Ensure the tournament schedule provides a mechanism for the leading Affiliate Members to compete against the Associate Members
Produce a report into the structure of regional cricket tournaments at Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13 level
Stage regional tournaments adhering to ICC standards and guidelines and maximizing benefit to member countries
Tournament schedule for Senior and Under 19 cricket up to 2007 in place by December 2002
Report into structure of regional cricket tournaments at Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13 level to be completed by December 2003
Regional senior qualifying tournament/s staged in 2004 for Associate and Affiliate Members
Successful completion of regional U19 qualifying tournaments in 2003 and 2005
1.4 Widening the Market
Objective: To widen the regional audience by embracing the diversity of cricket, promoting the alternative versions of the game and marketing the global game
Strategies Milestones
To promote the development of women’s cricket
To assist the IWCC in their research project
To establish links with national women’s cricket organisations
To encourage women’s participation in introductory cricket programs
Regional information provided to IWCC by June 2002
Contact list established for women’s cricket
30% increase in numbers of junior girls playing cricket by June 2005
Increase the profile of alternative forms of the game
Investigate the feasibility of staging regional Third Generation Game tournaments
To stage Third Generation tournaments if appropriate
Promote regional variations of cricket
Report produced by March 2003
Demonstration Third Generation tournament by December 2003
Production of promotional materials which include information on regional variations
To create and implement a regional marketing plan for the promotion of cricket
Appointment of regional ambassadors
Produce monthly News Flash
Produce media contact database
Increase national television cricket exposure in all member countries
Maintain and upgrade of ACC section of web site as primary marketing tool
Plan to be published by June 2002
Regional Ambassador/s appointed by June 2002 and minimum of three visits completed annually thereafter
Media database produced by June 2002
Production of quarterly newsletter
ICC TV show screened in 50% of member countries by December 2003
50% increase in hit count of web site by December 2004
1.5 Spirit of Cricket
Objective: To uphold and promote the positive values associated with the spirit of cricket
Strategies Milestones
Promote and enhance the history, heritage and Spirit of Cricket
Contribution to Spirit of Cricket pages on ICC website
Co-ordination of regional and national Spirit of Cricket initiatives
Identify charitable organizations that would benefit from the development of a relationship with cricket
Utilisation of ambassadors to promote spirit of cricket
Four contributions submitted annually
A paper outlining the activities to be undertaken under the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ banner to be produced by June 2002
Publish a report on suitable charitable organisations by December 2003
Spirit of Cricket component included in ambassador visits
Ensure that all those involved in playing and running the game are aware of the high standards of behaviour expected of them
Ensure that all countries are aware of ICC Code of Conduct
Include spirit of cricket briefing as part of tournament program
ICC Code of Conduct books circulated annually with briefing note
Spirit of Cricket briefing staged at each tournament
Improved standard of player behaviour
Achieve racial harmony in all aspects of the game
Circulate ICC Racial and Religious vilification policy
Include briefing as part of tournament program
Policy circulated with briefing note
Briefings conducted at each tournament

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