Kuweit – Latest News

Kuwait was to have hosted an emerging nations tournament for Gulf region titled Gulf Cup from 21   to 28 March 2003. Due to the present security situation of the area it has been postponed till the dates yet to be announced.  Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arab are the countries to participate.


  • Kuwait twice participated in ACC Trophy. The first participation in UAE 2000 Kuwait rang the alarm bells by defeating much experienced Singapore but could not continue this run and failed to reach the semi-final.
  • During the second attempt in Singapore in 2002 Kuwait easily defeated Qatar and Oman but lost to UAE and Nepal (the virtual finalists) and again could not book a berth in top four.
  • Kuwait hosted Under-13 Gulf Cup in 2000 with Qatar, Oman and Bahrain being the other participants. Kuwait‚s youngsters performed excellently to win the coveted trophy.
  • Kuwait also participated in Under-15 Asia Cup UAE 2002. Kuwait booked a place in Super League round after defeating Singapore, Qatar and Malaysia in preliminary league round. In the Super league stage two test playing nations India and Bangladesh and other qualifier Nepal proved to be a bit too good for up and coming Kuwaiti squad who failed to register a win at that stage.  Inspire of the fact that Kuwait did not qualify for the semi-final but established two records during the event. Kuwait‚s captain Prateesh Rajpal hit the highest individual score of 196 and the team registered the highest score of 386.
  • Kuwait participated in Asia Youth Cup (Under ˆ 19) in Nepal in 2001. The team performed excellently defeated the cup finalist Malaysia in the round match and went on to win Plate Final.
  • ICC conducted two Under ˆ 17 tournaments for the Asian region just six months apart from each other in 2001. In Pakistan and Bangladesh although team performed well but more experienced teams finished higher on points table.