Kuweit – Development Program

Development Program
Apart from ACC Development Programs following activities are carried out locally for the development of game:

(a) The umpires panel hold informal meetings on bi-weekly basis. During these meetings the practical problems faced by the umpires are discussed to clarify the issue. Further a group discussion is held on the Laws of Cricket and playing conditions.
(b) In 2002 one of our umpires, Riaz Chaudhry was approved as an Overseas Instructor by The Association of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (England). This is an encouraging sign of improvement in our umpiring standards.
(c) Talent hunt programs are carried out pick and coach youngsters at an early age.
(d) Informal coaching is conducted for all age groups.
(e) Grounds are being improved and it is expected that before the start of 2003-4 domestic season at least one turf with fully grassy out-field will be ready.