Junior Asia Cup (U17) 2003

The 3rd Junior Asia Cup (U17) 2003 will be held form the 13th – 27th January 2003 in India where we will see 15 countries all over Asia joining the 4 Test Nations India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This tournament will be played in 4 cities in India, namely Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. There will be two rounds of league being played where in Round 1, the Non Test playing countries will be divided into 4 groups and the teams will play in a round robin to decide the champion of each group. The winners of each group will qualify to play in the second round where they will be joined by the Test countries and the teams in Round 2 will be divided into two groups. Below is the grouping of Round 1 & Round 2. Each group in Round 1 will play a round robin league to decide the champion who will qualify to play in Round 2:

Round 1

Group A Group B Group C Group D
venue: Vizag venue: Hyderabad venue: Bangalore venue: Chennai
Nepal UAE Singapore Hong Kong
Malaysia Afghanistan Bahrain Saudi Arabia
Qatar Kuwait Thailand Bhutan
Oman Iran Maldives

Round 2

Group A Group B
venue: Bangalore venue: Vizag
India Sri Lanka
Pakistan Bangladesh
Winner of group A Winner of group B
Winner of group C Winner of group D

This tournament will see 4 new associate members of ACC; Afghanistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Iran locking horns with other members of ACC.

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