How to win money betting on cricket from your mobile

The majority of people betting on cricket are people who follow the careers of individual players, they have a favorite team, and they also enjoy adding an extra excitement to matches. Those are people who not only back their favorite teams; they are people who want to make a profit off the game. But if you want to win money from betting, you will definitely need a strategy. We suggest you first to read about how to choose the best mobile betting app for your needs, after that compare our top mobile betting applications.

Cricket BettingFirst of all, you should check recent results. In this type of sport you don’t only back one player, you back the whole team. You should first find out more about the players in the teams, and find who are the ones who bring more benefits to the team record. Yes, you might sympathize a concrete player, but don’t forget that at the end you are going to get paid off the result of the whole team.

A good advice when betting on cricket is to avoid betting on draws in the test matches. It is true that cricket is one of the few games where the draw is the most popular bet. It is important to follow which team is leading at the moment and back them. Another thing you should do before you bet on any team is check the weather forecast. In this game, the weather plays a very important role. It is not recommended to check the forecast on the Internet. It will be better for you if go and check the conditions on the field. If the weather is damp and overcast, than there is a huge chance the bowlers could get the ball move more, and as a result, there shouldn’t be many runs, so you should support the team with stronger bowlers. On the other hand, if the weather is sunny and dry, this means that it will be more difficult for the bowlers to make a nice swing. This also means that the opening batsmen will probably stay in longer and score more runs.

mobile betting appsAnother important factor is the season and also the stage of an overseas tour. It is not a lie that international or domestic matches, which are likely to take place in the early part of the season, sometimes can lead to odd results. And i.e. the ones that go against the form. On the other hand, matches that take place at the back-end of a season, or a trip abroad, also can lead to strange results. That is why, you should make a good research on the team you support, and make sure that they are well-prepared. Most people in Britain prefer to use one of the oldest and most well known bookmakers in the peninsula, but also worldwide. Bet365 have very good applications for mobile betting for android, iphone, ipad, windows phone. If you are interested in it read more – bet365 betting app review. Also their website is fully responsive for all other devices like Blackberry, Firefox OS and etc.

Cricket is an unpredictable game. There is no sure victory and no decided defeat. The game will keep you under pressure until the last wicket is taken and the last run is scored. This is a game in which individual players can carry a team single-handed.

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