Hong Kong – Results of the matches and tournament participated

Under 15 ACC Trophy 2002 – United Arab Emirates, 7 – 22 December 2002
The Hong Kong Under 15 team will travel to the United Arab Emirates in December 2002 to participate in the Under 15 ACC Trophy 2002.

The event is organised by the Emirates Cricket Board under the auspices of the Asian Cricket Council. The following 14 countries will contest the tournament.
Test Nations
Group A
Group B

Sri Lanka
Hong Kong
Teams will participate in games played in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The initial round robin matches will consist of the 10 non-Test playing countries divided into 2 groups of 5 and will play from 7th to 13th December 2002. The top 2 teams from each group will then progress to the “Super League” and join India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in a round robin format from 15th to 22nd December 2002.

Hong Kong Team

The Hong Kong team for the Under 15 Tuanku Ja’afar Cup 2002 is:

Players: Dheeraj Daswani (C) DMS, Chris Sabine (VC) CIS, Jamie Atkinson SIS, Robbie Bacon IS, John Bacon IS, Kanish Verghese WIS, Alistair Paine WIS, Nicholas Lau SC, Ahmed Nadeem DMS, Gary Brierly WIS, Mathew Aldridge KGV, Nigel Shroff KGV, Nazam Ali DMS, Daniel Fulllgrabe KGV

Tabarak Dar – Team Manager

Lal Jayasinghe – Coach

Key to Schools: DMS = Delia Memorial School, CIS = Chinese International School, SIS = South Island School, WIS = West Island School, IS = Island School, SC = Shatin College, LCU = Li Ching Uk

Hong Kong’s Draw & Results Summary

Hong Kong vs. UAE
UAE 261-7 (S Kumar 21, R Rai 60, S Dharmasena 66, M Fawad 51*; N Ali 3-50, R Bacon 2-72) beat Hong Kong 110 (R Bacon 41; W Bari 2-20, O Hamid 2-22, S Dharmasena 2-5) by 151 runs

Man of the Match: Mohd Fawad (UAE) [Scorecards & Reports | Points Table]
Hong Kong vs. Oman
Oman 119 (P Mehta 27; A Nadeem 3-19, J Bacon 2-28, D Daswani 2-0) beat Hong Kong 116 (D Daswani 34; V Shenoy 2-21, A Ansari 3-10, H Vasan 2-15) by 3 runs

Man of the Match: A R Ansari (Oman) [Scorecards & Reports | Points Table]
Hong Kong vs. Thailand
Hong Kong 148-7 (R Bacon 29, G Brierly 35, N Ali 18; D Shah 3-26) beat Thailand 103 (N Ali 3-16, J Bacon 3-15) by 45 runs

Man of the Match: John Bacon (Hong Kong) [Scorecards & Reports | Points Table]
Hong Kong vs. Maldives
Hong Kong 136 (J Atkinson 23, C Sabine 18, N Lau 22*; A Umar 2-29, M Mahfooz 4-19, S Mohammed 2-22) beat Maldives 99 (A Umar 19; A Nadeem 4-12, R Bacon 2-13, D Daswani 221) by 37 runs

Man of the Match: Ahmed Nadeem (Hong Kong) [Scorecards & Reports | Points Table]
Key to Venues: DCC1 = Dubai Cricket Council No.1; ADSC = Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium; SCS = Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Tuanku Ja’afar Cup 2002 – Hong Kong, 28 November – 1 December 2002


TJ2002 Champions Hong Kong
Schedule & Results Summary
Each team will play one match against the other three competing teams. The top two teams will play in the final. All matches will start at 0930.

Playing schedule as follows:
Singapore vs. Malaysia
Rain reduced match to 35 overs per side: Malaysia 181 (E Azis 33, S Navaratnam 26, S Ganesan 22; M Razak 2-30, S Mani 3-26) lost to Singapore 182-4 (Z Shroff 20, J Dearing 43, H Dongre 59*, A Vijayan 41*) by 6 wkts

Man of the Match: Harish Dongre (Singapore)
Hong Kong vs. Singapore
Hong Kong 245 (M Cheruparambil 20, S Malik 82, A French 27, T Dar 65; V Pramodh 2-43, M Razak 3-35, J Dearing 3-37) beat Singapore 239-9 (Z Shroff 25, S Mendis 32, G Narayanan 41, H Dongre 42, M Razak 23*; K Khan 2-34, A French 3-45) by 6 runs

Man of the Match: Tabarak Dar (Hong Kong)
Malaysia vs. Hong Kong ‘A’
Hong Kong ‘A’ 111 (N Hameed 27; N Roslee 3-19, S Navaratnam 3-20, R Sewaratnam 2-25) lost to Malaysia 112-4 (S Ganesan 20, R Madhavan 51) by 6 wkts

Man of the Match: Noor Ikhwan Roslee (Malaysia)
Hong Kong vs. Malaysia
Match called off at 3PM due to wet weather conditions.Hong Kong 181-8 after 45 overs (T Smart 42, R Sharma 61, R Sujanani 39*; N Roslee 3-41, R Suppiah 2-34). Malaysia were unable to start their innings.

Man of the Match: Noor Ikhwan Roslee (Malaysia)
Singapore vs. Hong Kong ‘A’
Match abandoned due to wet weather conditions.

Hong Kong vs. Singapore
Rain reduced match to 30 overs per side: Hong Kong 217-7 (M Cheruparambil 25, S Malik 31, A French 26, R Sharma 40, R Lamsam 39*; A Vijayan 2-38) beat Singapore 169 (Z Shroff 29, H Dongre 24, S Mani 23, G Nayarnan 38; M Zubair 4-17, S Malik 3-19) by 48 runs.

Man of the Match: Mohammad Zubair (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong are the Tuanku Ja’afar Cup 2002 Champions!

Key to venues: HKCC = Hong Kong Cricket Club; KCC = Kowloon Cricket Club

Notes – Hong Kong ‘A’ are playing in place of Thailand. Matches against Hong Kong ‘A’ are unofficial and do not carry any championship points. Hong Kong ‘A’ cannot play in the final.
Under 15 Tuanku Ja’afar Cup 2002 – Kuala Lumpur, 31 October – 3rd November 2002
The Hong Kong team travelled to Kuala Lumpur at the end of October 2002 to compete against teams from Singapore, Thailand and hosts Malaysia in the Under 15 South East Asian Championships – also known as the Tuanku Ja’afar Cup.

Hong Kong Team
The Hong Kong team for the Under 15 Tuanku Ja’afar Cup 2002 is:
Players: Dheeraj Daswani (C) – DMS, Chris Sabine (VC) – CIS, Jamie Atkinson – SIS, Robbie Bacon – IS, John Bacon – IS, Kanishk Verghese – WIS, Alistair Paine – WIS, Nicholas Lau – SC, Ahmed Nadeem – DMS, Ahmed Irfan – LCU, Mathew Aldridge – KGV, Nigel Shroff – KGV, Nazam Ali – DMS, Paul Ellis – Overseas

Key to Schools: DMS = Delia Memorial School, CIS = Chinese International School, SIS = South Island School, WIS = West Island School, IS = Island School, SC = Shatin College, LCU = Li Ching Uk

Management: Tabarak Dar (Manager), Lal Jayasinghe (Coach)

Hong Kong’s Draw & Results Summary
Hong Kong vs Singapore
Kilat Club
Singapore 83-4 (Maximillian 41) beat Hong Kong 82 (K Verghese 13, N Ali 14; R Nasir 8-0-19-3, J Kumar 8-4-9-3) by 6 wkts
Hong Kong vs Thailand
Kelab Aman
Hong Kong 57-3 (D Daswani 19*; S Akbar 3-0-18-2) beat Thailand 56 (S Akbar 15; A Paine 8-2-12-3, N Ali 5.2-2-6-2, P Ellis 6-1-11-2) by 7 wkts

Alistair Paine – Man of the Match

ACC Trophy 2002 – Singapore, 9-22 July 2002
Hong Kong Team
Rahul Sharma (Captain),Ravi Sujanani, Roy Lamsam, Ilyas Gul, Alex French, Chris Williams, Tabarak Dar, Jawaid Iqbal, Saleem Malik. Mohammad Zubair, Mohammed Jamshaid, Sher Lama, David Mallinson, Tim Smart

Reserves: Grayson Tyndale, Dyutish Chaudhuri, Manoj Cheruparambil, Mark Davies

Officials: Yarman Vachha (Manager), Lal Jayasinghe (Coach)

Hong Kong’s Draw & Results Summary
Hong Kong has been placed in Group B together with hosts Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and The Maldives. Group A comprises teams from Nepal, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait. Teams in each group play one another in the preliminary round, with the two top teams in each group at the conclusion of the preliminary round advancing to the semi-finals. Winners of each semi-final will meet in the final forthe prestigious ACC Trophy. Both finalists also qualify to play in the Asia Cup alongide test playing countries Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
Hong Kong v. Singapore
Hong Kong 212-5 (T Smart 23, R Sujanani 43, T Dar 56, R Sharma 43*, M Jamshaid 28) beat Singapore 206-8 (Z Shroff 101*, K Mendis 45, J Dearing 28; S Lama 5-34) by 6 runs [Full Scorecard | Match Report]
Hong Kong v. Thailand
India Assoc.
Hong Kong 326-5 (D Mallinson 88, I Gul 68, R Sharma 105, T Dar 26*; V Silpaphanichkun 3-63) beat Thailand 95 (S Suphavadeeprasit 36*; C Williams 2-23, R Lamsam 2-19; R Sharma 3-13, I Gul 2-1) by 231 runs [Full Scorecard | Match Report]
Hong Kong v. Malaysia
Hong Kong 159 (R Sujanani 31, R Sharma 28, S Malik 24; S Navaratnam 4-27, C P Cheong 2-39) lost to Malaysia 160-9 (R Madhaven 20, S Navaratnam 33, Y Imran 37; S Lama 3-24) by 1 wkt [Full Scorecard | Match Report]
Hong Kong v. Maldives
Hong Kong 347-2 (A French 203*, D Mallinson 55, R Sharma 61) beat Maldives 259 (M Aflam 54, M Kaleem 91, I Hussain 51; M Zubair 2-35, R Lamsam 2-35, J Iqbal 3-41, R Sharma 2-44) by 88 runs [Full Scorecard | Match Report]

Hong Kong v. UAE
UAE 280-7 (A Saeed 55, A Ali 40, M Khaliq 41, K Khan 23, M Baksh 41, Naeemuddin 40; S Lama 2-44, R Sharma 2-37) beat Hong Kong 193 (D Mallinson 37, R Sharma 35, S Malik 52; A Saeed 2-12, K Khan 4-46, A Ali 2-40, M Tauqeer 2-47) by 87 runs [Full Scorecard | Match Report]

Match Reports/Notes

Hong Kong vs. Singapore – Match was reduced to 36 overs per side due to rain. Singapore’s targetreduced by 10 runs due to slow over-rate. Sensational collapse by Singapore leaves Hong Kong victors by 6 runs.

Hong Kong vs. Thailand – Match was reduced to 48 overs per side due to wet outfield caused by overnight rain.

Hong Kong vs. Malaysia – Malaysia were awarded the victory in controversial circumstances after it was initially thought the match had ended in a tie. During a recheck of the scores, it was discovered that a leg bye scored in one of the latter overs had not been added to the Malaysians’ total score. Therefore it was deemed that the winning run was scored by the Malaysians in the 49th over and that the final over (though bowled and a wicket taken by Hong Kong without additional runs being scored) was considered irrelevant. A protest by the Hong Kong team over the result was dismissed by the match referee.

Hong Kong vs. Maldives – Alex French’s 203* was scored off 158 balls and included 21 fours and 1 six.

Hong Kong vs. UAE

ACC programs that has been participated by the respective members
a. ACC Trophy 2002 Singapore
b. ACC U15 Asia Cup 2002, Sharjah
c. Bob Woolmer Coaching Course for National Coaches, Lahore
d. Seminar on Sports Medicines & fitness, Bangalore
e. ACC level 1 Coaching Course, Singapore
Any other matters of interest
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