HONG KONG – Organization chart & Structure

1019 Sports House
1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Phone (+852) 2504-8102
Facsimile (+852) 2577-8486
Email Address : hkca@hkabc.net

Organization chart & Structure
The following is the structure of the HKCA in 2003-04:

Executive Committee
The Executive meets monthly and is the body charged with policy-making and decisions of major importance to Hong Kong cricket, as well as directing and approving the day to day running of Hong Kong cricket by the Administrative staff.

Members of the Executive Committee are:

  • President – Terry Smith
  • Chairman – Mike Walsh
  • Hon. Secretary – John Cribbin
  • Hon. Treasurer – Martin Sabine
  • HKCC Member – Mark Winstanley
  • KCC Member – Burji Shroff
  • Independent Clubs Member – Animesh Kulkarni
  • League & Cup Member – Clive Howard
  • HKACUS – Jim Middleton
  • Ordinary Member – Gavin Erasmus
  • Ordinary Member – Glyn Davies
  • Ordinary Member – Mark Burns

Administrative Staff
The staff operate at HKCA’s headquarters at Sports House and are responsible for the day to day implementation of policies set down by the Executive Committee. Members of staff are:

  • General Manager – Danny Lai Yee June
  • Coach Coordinator – Lal Jayasinghe
  • Sports Executive – Rahuman Farcy
  • Sports Executive – Simone Kwan
  • Sports Executive (League, Cup & Membership) – Ron Brierly
  • Sports Development Executive – Charly Lam Man Kei

Although the Administrative Staff perform a wide variety of functions, wherever possible the assistance of committed volunteers is sought for service on sub committees and at events. The HKCA recognises the valuable resource it has available in the high quality of such volunteers, their commitment to and love of cricket, and the rich tradition of cricket in Hong Kong.